What is Carbon Laser Facial ?Have you heard about it? 

Have you heard of a carbon laser facial?

I believe that we as women should always, always take care of our skin and not only is to just take care of your skin but also perfect way to treat yourself
I have gone and experienced the infamous Carbon BLACK DOLL FACIAL “CELEBRITY” which is and has been done by many known celebrities. 

Yes absolutely love having facials and take pride in looking after my skin as I have prominent pores and extremely sensitive skin if not looked after properly.
What this amazing facial treatment does is theoretically said to renew skin to a porcelain complexion, the CARBON LASER Facial known as CELEBRITY BLACK DOLL FACIAL, has been making waves in the world of medical aesthetics amongst celebrities, plastic surgeons and dermatologists.
Carbon is applied to the skin and then a Q SWITCH ND YAG LASER (latest technology in laser) is used to resurface the skin.
Benefits of this laser is namelyIf we were to make a list of skin corrections that we can achieve.
♡Tightens dilated pores

♡Reduces acne, scars and post acne discoloration

♡Removes dead skin cells from the superficial epidermal layer

♡Stimulates collagen growth

♡Improves skin texture

♡Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

♡Restores skin integrity and radiance

♡Clears pores to help reduce blackheads and whiteheads

The facial has no down time , done in a course of 4 – 6 sessions, effects last for years, pain-free, minimal maintenance
At the end you have these amazing new skincare routine of products that you should use every day to receive the beat results you need 
Go ahead ladies trust me try and also treat yourself to this infamous facial treatment at The only place in Cape Town Southern Suburbs EXCLUSIVELY @infusionsskincare 

It is absolutely worth it. 
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Have you ever heard of Dermapen

I have sensitive skin and you ladies know I have always complained about my pigmentation problems like we woman do … Then 1 of my clients while I’m busy doing her makeup suggest I try something different… WHAT THIS ? 

Being prone to breakouts not only when I don’t do my daily evening beauty regime but more importantly being exposed to harsh sun conditions. I have to apply SPF and sun block every single day and yes even before I apply makeup – hugely important and great tip      
So she says try a treatment called the Dermanpen 
This treatment is also known as the Collagen Induction Therapy – in short CIT – when I highly concentrated serum is being used on the area treated during the session. 

The serum contains a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which increase the moisture in the skin as well as other ingredients which stimulate the fibrolasts of the skin which reproduce collagen and elastin 
The benefits of The Dermapen Treatments are multiple however the most effective ones are : 
• Skin tightening and natural collagen

• Induction, lifting and rejuvenation

• Acne, scars and wound healing

• Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

• Minimizes pore sizes

• Improves stretch marks

• Treats alopecia (when used in conjunction with topical treatment)

• No cross infection – disposal needles
More advantages of The Dermapen Treatment : 
• Speed – up to 1000 holes per second

• Shorter treatment times

• Adjustable needle depth

• Less pain

• Light weight hand piece

• Shorter downtime healing 

• Greater results
Go on ladies book you treatment as they have  special running and what’s more amazing when you book use My Name – ONQMAKEUP as Reference and pay merely R800 as original price is R950. How Amazing g right?!?
Go pop by the Bella Rose Beauty Salon 

16 Forest Drive


Contact Nazia to Book on 021 532 1119 and also receive a Free Consultation as well

Email : naziakhan6@gmail.com
Special will run until End of February. Perfect as Valentines day Treat 
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My search for the perfect lashes 

What comes to mind when you hear Lashes?!? Glitz and Glam feel thereof right? 

If you a makeup fanatic as I am you should know that yes it makes you feel extra Glam and beautiful but the importance thereof is that it should also feel and look great 
As there are many and I mean many various shapes, sizes and all kinds of lashes for every event. It is important that you find the Perfect Pair for that Perfect Occasion that will not only give you volume but makes your eyes pop too 
Ladies, I am on the prowl and hunt for that perfect set lashes that will look, feel and give one that extra boost of glamour 

These lashes in picture shown is from @houseofbassbeauty and it is absolutely fabulous from shape size and feel.
I will be trying various brands of lashes, shapes and sizes and I will definitely inform you all of my hunt for those perfect lashes 
Little Hint on that Lash Note (hehehe) I will be creating and branding on OnQmakeup set of lashes 

These will be coming soon so you ladies stick around and stay connected to all OnQmakeup social media platforms as well as updated on my blog for my hunt in finding the perfect set of lashes
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As the saying goes “Do what you love and Love what you do” is one that always resonates deeply and as a makeup artist the most satisfying feeling of what i do as a professional is seeing people execute what you have taught them 😉
I have been doing workshops for the approximately 4 years and each OnQmakeup workshop is exceptionally unique and different each time 

Giving the ladies at my makeup workshop the knowledge, insight and demonstrating the makeup looks that can be used in there professional and personal capacity. I have a ball of a time interacting with each attendee.
Seeing the The happiness and excitement of each  lady when they leave the OnQmakeup workshop at the end of day makes me as a makeup artist feel completely fulfilled 
The next OnQmakeup workshop will be held Saturday, 11 February 2017 and this will nothing short of spectacular

Registration and Bookings will follow suit in the coming weeks 

This year the OnQmakeup workshop is not to be missed, so come and join me register and secure your seat. Lets have day filled with makeup and glamour

You will feel leaving glamorous and confident in executing your looks to perfection
Below are pictures of My OnQmakeup workshop hosted August 20, 2016http://www.onqmakeup.com/make-up-workshops/
Come have fun. Register and book with OnQmakeup 

Click on link below to register :

Onqmakeup workshop 
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So ladies we have all had it happen to us at one point in our lives. You get new foundation with high hopes, you bring it home, open it up, excited to try it…!…Its the wrong colour. Worst feeling ever, right!?
So because you doesn’t so much money, you either let it sit in your makeup drawer till it expires (yes makeup do expire), our read on for ways to still make use of it.
Today I will be sharing the Top 6 Most Common Beauty Mistakes to Avoid
Mistake 1: The Wrong Foundation

This is a mistake done by so many women on a daily basis. Its hard to pick out a colour on your own.

What you want and should do is to choose a colour closer to your skin tone. If you can’t pin point your foundation shade exactly right you can use a tinted moisturizer.
Mistake 2: Dark Eyeliner For Daytime

As black is pretty much the standard colour for eyeline use.

Ladies, their is actually a variety of eyeliners out their that will make your eyes stand out. Black eyeliner during the day can make you look drab and harsh. You can lighten things up by choosing, plum or even a mute forest green can look amazing on brown eyes.
Mistake 3: Going Overboard With Makeup To Cover Skin Issues

If you suffering from skin issues that you aren’t currently treating, makeup isn’t going to completely mask the issue. It can make it worse. Your makeup is as good as your skincare. If you want to try a new regimen to banish those blemishes or south red cheeks, try finding skincare brand/product that will tackle your problem.
Mistake 4: Too Light Concealer

“Raccoon eye” is real ladies. That’s the area where your concealer is a bit to light casting a white shadow around your eye area. Instead when covering up dark circles, you tend to unwanted attention to the eye area. So make sure your concealer isn’t too light.
Mistake 5: Frozen Hair

Let’s get this straight ladies. I’m pretty sure their ladies that are still wearing the same hairstyle from high school. Its time to add some volume and movement to your hair. Hair is meant to be flowing with life, so embrace change and try something new with your hair.
Mistake 6: Not Throwing Out The Old Beauty Products

Now ladies this is important. Beauty products do not last forever. So as saying goes out with old in with new ans who doesn’t like some good makeup shopping.

Usually these products last for up a year or two at most. Getting rid of them can help you avoid ineffective products and bacteria
Let’s embrace change with new style and get some good makeup shopping

Go out and rock it with confidence
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Why use a makeup primer?

Today’s Technique Makeup Tip is all about Primers
Now ladies when it comes facial primers it is an absolute mandatory makeup routine. You’ll be shocked to believe that it is essential makeup step that is so often overlooked by many.
Applying face primer is essential step to prepping your skin. Investing in a good primer not only extend the life of your makeup but also make you look fresh and vibrant.
Here’s brief description on how to choose primer for you:

Face Primer for Dry Skin: If have skin that is dry or flakey, your face primer should then provide a intense dose of hydration. This primer for dry skin should moisterize and nourish the skin leaving a soft and supple base for your foundation
Face Primer for Oily Skin: For those with oily skin, look or search for an oil free mattifying primer which will help combat shine throughout the day and keep oil at bay leaving your skin with a matte base to apply foundation on. Best primer selections for oil based skins will most likely be a silicone base which helps fills large pores
Face Primer for Sensitive Skin: For sensitive skin tones you have to find the right face primer which can help blur and soorthe blemishes with a formulation that contains most gentle ingredients for your skin
The Benefits as depicted in the picture are:
It tightens your pores thus preventing your face from becoming oily
After primer application, you will use less foundation, giving you more use out of your face makeup
Primer gives you a smooth canvas to work on by filling in those fines lines and wrinkles
Primers helps keep foundation in place all day long
Also, helps keeps lipstick from feathering out on lip lines
And that ladies is your  Makeup Tip. Go get that Primer and make it part of your makeup routine

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ONQMAKEUP does Q&A for Jet online 

A ton of patients and research is required to master that specific makeup look you desire.

If you lover of makeup as I am and want to get to know OnQmakeup little better then this article is right up your ally.
I recently did a Q & A with Jet Online magazine where I share great tips and tricks on how to apply makeup as well as the coming summer trends for 2016.
Go on Ladies Read all about it on http://www.jetonline.co.za/blog/qa-q-makeup/ and please do feel free to share and comment below.

I would love to hear your feedback.
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Elegantly Chic Makeup and turban tutorial

Tutorial Two: Here is the 2nd of our 3 Part Turban Makeup Style Series @chicturbanstyling with a inspired Elegantly Chic Smokey Brown Eye and Warm Undertones

Elegantly Chic Makeup Look Step by Step:

Its important before starting your makeup application to ensure you have cleansed and moisterized your face.

1. Firstly, I started off prepping the skin with @MACcosmetics Prep & Prime then I added foundation all over the skin using @MACcosmetics NC30 studio fix
2. I applied Eyeshadow Pallette by @anastasiabeverleyhils, I started off applying the first colour in Deep Brown all over the eye, then I applied a darker side right around the eye and once these two colours were applied I blended both in seamlessly- its important to blend all over
3. Then I lined the top of the lid with Eyeliner by @Maybelline in Lasting Drama Gel Pencil and blended it as well to soften the look
4.Then I applied Concealer under the eyes by @anastasiabeverleyhills Cream Contour in Vanilla then blended it with @swiitchbeauty Brush
5.I used Eyebrow Pencil by @Maybelline in Deep Brown, after all the above was applied I blended all through to get the perfect shape
6. I then used @benefitsouthafrica Hula Bronzer for cheek contouring and added Mascara by @revlonsa in Dramatic Definition and then added lipstick by @MACcosmetics in Matte Viva Glam number 3

After everything is applied and blend everything together just to finish and give you that perfectly desired look

Stay tuned and connected on Instagram, Facebook and My Website for Next Week Monday’s Final 3 Part Makeup Series


Turbans and Makeup part 1

The quintessential classic makeup look that lasts for ages made to enhance your day time turban

In the video Ill show you how to create  that day makeup look which suits any profession perfectly
For a day makeup look it is preferable to go for that less is more feel, and not too heavy makeup but yet baring in mind to keep it visible as well. In Today’s Tutorial Series Part 1 I will show the perfect way of a less is more but yet beautiful makeup look

Makeup Day Look Step by Step:

Before starting your makeup application, always ensure you have cleansed and moisterized your face.

1. I started off prepping the skin with @MACcosmetics Prep & Prime Mist Spray which moisten and hydrates the skin, making the foundation stay on and last longer.

2. I then applied the @MACcosmetics Foundation Studio Fix NC30, blending this through using @swiitchbeauty Cake F40 brush.

3. I applied a little @MACcosmentics Moisture Select NC20 Concealer under the eye, which I only applied when needed and I also used @MACcosmetic Concealer NC25.
Then powdered her face with @MACcosmetics MAC Powder which I lightly dusted powder off and then blending concealer seamlessly. Applying a little concealer and powder will makeup your complexion seemingly flawless.

4. For her Eyebrows – I used Eyebrow Pencil to Line and Shape the Brows which I then blended it through perfectly.
Applied Liquid Liner by Artist of Makeup in Extreme Art Liner Pen using a little bit of Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul and then Lined the Lips with Lip Pencil from @L’Oreal Lip Liner Couture with Scarlett Rouge Colour and as for Lipstick I applied using @MACcosmetics Rubywoo Lip Colour ending the Look with @revlonsa Mascara in Dramatic Definition


Why Do We Get Breakouts During The Fast

The holy month of ramadaan is the most sacred of muslim beliefs which strengthens our ability of self-control and most importantly bring us closer to Almighty in all ways.


As fasting is done in many cultures for political, spiritual and health reasons. While some people fast to show their
devotion to their deity or to protest an unfair law, there are a
large number of people turning to fasting to improve their health.
Weight loss is the most commonly cited reason to fast; however,
fasting has been shown through studies to have both negative and positive effect on our skin.



So here is a few reasons why I think we hav breakouts during fast.

When we start our fasting process you give your a complete break from foods and liquids and as the majority of our energy goes into digesting the foods we eat on a daily basis, your body now then have a lot more energy than usual when you fasting and due to this the energy build up will work on things that it normally don’t have enough time for, such as the healing of old wounds and the removal of built up toxins in your body.

If your skin is prone to breakouts or even an occasional blemish, it is possible that while fasting you will experience an episode of acne on or around the third day of your fast as you are not putting anything into your body, your body is now able to focus on cleansing your system instead of digesting and breaking down food.  While your body is cleansing itself of toxins, some of these will be leaving your body through your skin, creating some blemishes on the surface.

Let’s not shy away from this as I know majority of you ladies – myself included, loves unhealthy foods. So if you have consumed unhealthy foods and drinks as well as breathing polluted air, you are then most likely full of toxins then there is a good chance that if and when you go on fast you will experience something known as a “Healing Crisis” which is when there are tons of toxins being removed from your body that you develop “Sickness- like Symptoms”.

Our bodies have 7 organs which is designed to eliminate toxins in our body which is namely – the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, blood, lymphatic system and your skin, and when massive amounts toxins are being eliminated from our body these organs will go immediately take effect and work a lot harder than normal. That is why we develop skin eruptions such as rashes, pimples and itching.

The fats in our body are composed of transformed fatty acids which is broken down when we fast to release glycerol from the gliceride molecules which converts into glucose.
People with problem free skin may have a few days of pimples or even a boil due to this.
But with that said, always think of the bigger. RAMADAN MUBARAK